You've Caught Up So Quick!

I went to the Public Network Foundation again this afternoon, to deal something with our new website. After our long lasting discussion, the engineer who's in charge of this project asked, "Is this your first time to involve in this kind of project?" "Yes." I replied, and didn't dare to tell him that the first day when I started to work, actually the FIRST ONE HOUR when I started to work, I was brought there suddenly to discuss the whole project with them.

I am not lying......

"You've caught up so quick!" said him, "Every time when we told you to think about something, or suggested you to use another software to show us your idea, you came out with the draft the next few days. Well done! Impressive."

Maybe he was right.

Nevertheless, this encouragement also means that I should try my best to keep the pace! Besides my "boss(es)" in the Association, there are some others waiting to see my performance~ Come on! Let's FIGHT!!!!!!

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