The package sent from KISC has arrived home, finally. Thus, I started to do the last bit of my European travel unpacking. I took the postcards out, and appreciated them one after another, trying hard to refresh myself with the original touch when receiving each card.

-Oh, this is a surprise!
-This has saved me out of depression~
-Haha~ it's soooo close to my departure date! May not get it before leaving~
-I felt far more sweet when getting this one :)

To react so may be too over, but to hold this pile of postcards in hand made me feel like crying. They are far more than papers. They are the proofs that I am soooooo loved by people.

I am glad that I realize the truth today, the last date of year 2005.
Thank you all, my beloved friends.
Thank you for loving me, and Thank you for caring me.

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