Happy Birthday to ME~

Oh yes! I turn into 23! Cheers~~~

Just as usual, I didn't get huge tons of greetings today. However, I got several important ones this time, and guess what? They are from all around the world!

Pedro, the Brazilian, sang me "Happy Birthday" song in Portuguese few days ago. Although it was me who asked for this favor, his energetic voice still made me happy. He further introduced me some typical cheers they would make after the song. They sounds truly interesting.

Julia, the German ex-Pinky, gave me her greetings through MSN. I guess she waited long before I logged in MSN again this morning. I was surprised that she remember!

Andrea, the Swiss ex-Pinky, sent an Email to say Happy Birthday. Her warmth still moved me, and her mail reminded of the happy golden days in KISC, in Kandersteg, and in Swiss again and again, and again.....

Ali, the British ex-Pinky, truly to my surprise, sent an E-card as well. After doing some analysis, hmmm, it's her PR instinct that makes her do so (haha) Anyways, I'm still grateful for that card.

MinJae, the South Korean scout from Busan, gave me a slight happy birthday after requiring. Currently serving in the army, it was never easy to meet him online. Though a little bit cheeky, I was anyways quite lucky!

Isabel, my best mate having holidays in the USA, sent me an SMS and said, "I was quite poor lately, so I don't have NT10 to buy you a B-D card, niether do I have NT5 to buy a stamp. Yet, I at least got NT3 to send you an SMS to tell you 'Happy Birthday!' " hahahaha~ I think she succeeded to save money, to excuse herself, and to please me simultaneously.

Nevertheless, Isabel couldn't beat Mr. Tobias, my other scout friend here in Taipei. His SMS read, "A-Lo~Happy Birthday for a hundred times! Wish you the best luck this year on your work and everything. Also, please find someone you like ASAP, since I've started to save a wedding red envelope for you. Please don't make me save for too long; otherwise, I'm afraid that I'll bankrupt soon~~~If you're lucky enough to have a baby within 3 yrs, I'll give him/her another gold lock(traditional gift for babies)! Anyways, Happy B-Day!!" I laughed hard with tears after getting this. What a creative greeting!

Calvin, another scout friend also sent me an SMS. All my families took me out for a feast in ShenKeng. Jeez, I'm quite satisfied at all these!



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