The Most Terrifying Thing

Lying on my bed the night before, I suddenly saw the last scene in the Bern Station, where Chris stood on the other side of the platform waiting for his train to come, where I stood closely to the window to grab that last moment of our story till my train departed away. So afraid I was, I refused to believe that I might not see my lovely friends in KISC ever again. Also, I refused to believe that our saying goodbye that time means saying goodbye forever!


More terribly, when seeing a Nordic Day picture on Ali's Ringo album, though I could recognize many faces, I suprisingly couldn't tell their names in the first moment! Including Matt and Katie!!! IT'S HORRIBLE!!!IT IS! How can this happen??

I'm truly afraid....

I don't like this kind of life outside of the bubble.
I miss the old, golden days in KISC.......VERY MUCH!!!!!!

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