Dad's Visit- Graduation + Science & Industry Museum

It has been confirmed- I got my master's in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University. Everything felt like a dream.
From 081211-1214-Daddy@Evanston for NU graduation

Our morning started with a coffee meeting with Kerry, and I left Dad with Kerry to go for the ceremony rehearsal. Everything about the ceremony went fine, though a little bit chaotic in the end, but I was truly delighted to shoot many pictures with classmates. And you know: hugs, kisses, goodbye.... It is really hard to imagine that we will soon scattered around the country and even around the world again. The panic, seriously, stroke me hard silently yet fiercely every single moment...

And, if you were there.....


We headed south to Science & Industry Museum with Kerry around 2 p.m. With Dad's company, U-505 submarine got a richer story to tell, so did the old style gas train. Dad used to be a navy so he knew a lot about ships. Grandpa used to be a driver for trains, so Dad also knew well about gas trains as well as electricity trains. "This visit is indeed a good pick!" I told myself. It kept Dad in high spirit, and accidentally linked several parts of the memories in my extended family (Dad, grandpa, and uncle's family). That again proved my earlier feeling about life: What I desire most is a simple "home." Better than gold, better than anything else. It provides the pure joy for life, indeed.
From 081211-1214-Daddy@Evanston for NU graduation
Due to the jet lag, Dad was exhausted after we visited the coal mine inside the Museum, so I decided to take him home and prepared food myself for him. It was hard to describe the feeling of preparing dish for Dad here in the U.S. Guaranteed, it was a delicious meal. What made it so tasty was the feeling of sharing, the love between families, and the happiness of making some real contribution to my beloved one.

Dad went to bed shortly after the meal for a nap, and I worked on something else when I waited him to wake up again to help him packing. Unbelievably, yes, Dad was going back the next day.....

I don't wonna you leave, Daddy...... Stay with me.......

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