Alert! Avoid Rip-off Company/position!

I was checking an opening, which looks simple, attractive and to my interest. But somehow I dind't feel that comfortable about their vague job description and low entry barrier. Thanks to Google, See what I got:

The Marketing Firm, Marketing FX, Inc.... They are a rip off, pyramid scheme, do NOT get involved Chicago Illinois
*UPDATE Ex-Employee responds ..Actually Marketing FX.com and Marketing FX.org are the SAME

This company is a total pyramid scheme. They tell you that you will be trained in marketing and all aspects of business. But what it really comes down to is they would like for you to walk around trying to sell discounted office supplies for over a year if you are stupid enough to stick around for that long. They have come up with stupid 'formulas' of how to make a sale. I was stupid enough to acutally go back for a second interview when on the first one, I went in with another person for 5 minutes while they asked us questions about a questionaire that I filled out. When I tried to ask questions about the job, they kept saying that there would be time for questions later......When we were FINALLY done they cornered me in the office and offered me the job saying come in a month earlier that I could actually start. I of course didnt except and they immediately gave me looks and said that I would be making a huge mistake among other comments, very unprofessional. I am just hoping that this post helps other people to not get sucked into their scheme.

Chicago, Illinois

Well, I guess I have to pay extra attention even when I'm so eager to get things done....

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wendychen said...

Another one:
"Cornerstone America" Ripoff deceptive hiring Scottsdale Arizona
*REBUTTAL Employee ..Cornerstone, Mega

Cornerstone America
Phone: 480-947-7788
7150 East Camelback Road
Scottsdale, Arizona, 85251

Submitted: 3/10/2004 11:15:17 AM
Modified: 7/1/2008 3:08:53 PM
Reported By: Gerald
Fountain Hills, Arizona

I have to say that I was pretty desperate when I agree to a contract with Cornerstone America (also known as Cornerstone Marketing), but now I've learned a good lesson.

During an initial interview, I'd rather call it a company presentation, I was told how many successful individuals make high incomes selling health insurance. I was losing interest, but then I was told that every member receives a small amount of fresh leads 'A leads' a week, provided by the company for free. Additional old leads 'B leads' would be also be given. It was also articulated that one would not have to search in his own social circles to be successful, but working on references and additional marketing would be the key to success.....

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