Some Pieces of Truth from David Rabjohns

I went to a Professional Speaker Series speech this noon with the guest speaker Mr. David Rabjohns. This gentlemen is a British who has worked for IBM, UK; Pepsico, AU; Saatchi & Saatchi, UK; and Leo Burnett, US before. He's currently the President and CEO of his own company Motive Quest, a strategy planning consultancy based in Evanston.

Indeed, he got a rich profile, and from his talks I knew that he is very talented and passionate about his career and life. He went for a world trip after he got the B School degree, mostly on the motorcycle he bought on the way. That experience cultivated his courage to life and his deep belief in people. Another great example of taking a wonder trip and having one's life altered.

He shared some pieces of words that touched me a lot. Let me list it down here:
  • Perspiration beats inspiration
  • Trust your GUT!
  • ALWAYS: Learn how to learn; Learn how to get along with people, especially brilliant people; Learn how to be in a team
  • Work for a company on the way UP
  • Get digital! That's for sure the big thing in the coming century.
  • When you find you know 1% more tahn other people's do, dig deeper and become the expert!
I admire him. Admire his attitude to life. Admire his characteristics. If I could become someone like him in the future......

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