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Airport Information Web Site to Help Alleviate Holiday Travel Woes
LOS ANGELES, Nov. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Aerochannel.com is a unique day-of-flight service designed to help airline travelers get to their flight on time. More than 4.5 million passengers are traveling this Thanksgiving holiday.... most flights are still expected to be full due to the reduced the number of available flights.... Flyers should expect full parking lots, longer check-in and security lines, and busy terminals. AeroChannel's distinctive "How Long will It Take" feature gives airline passengers an easy-to-read timeline to help them make it to the gate on time......
Recently I have heard about several misfortune stories already, so I guess AeroChannel's service might be really helpfule for passengers who's traveling with tight schedule. The best part of it is: it also allowed on-the-go mobile notification, so passengers won't need to worry about not connecting to internet=not able to keep tracking on their status. It's "Total Time to the Gate" included the prediction of inside airport traffic, parking, check-in, security check and pre-flight waiting time. I tried out its accuracy with a friend's flight, and I think it's pretty dynamic and accurate.

I will check next time when I have to fly again. Why not try it out yourself?

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