Wendy E-News-【Wendy fly over Shanghai=>Taiwan=>Chicago】

Dear my friends,

Long time no see! After a busy summer, I am back to my school work in Northwestern IMC program again.

This is actually the very last quarter for me. I only took two classes with three credits: mandatory "IMC Capstone" and "International Business Strategy" in Kellogg School of Management. My decision to only took two courses proved to be wise, because
  1. I am at the same time looking for a position, and it is REALLY hard
  2. IMC Capstone made me use everything we learned from the previous quarters to make marketing strategies for our client Clinique. The information they provided us was so limited and vague, and the mysterious organization of the class made our tasks even more complicated. My summer time project teammate Eileen and I missed the good old time when only five of us working very closely together every single day...

Since I mentioned my summer, please allow me to share with you my marvelous residency in Shanghai.

Shanghai brought me far more surprises than that I could imagine. My two week internship in KFC China allowed me to experience that city's endless opportunity and development. KFC China provided great hospitality to my team, introduced and presented their efforts in PR, marketing, e-marketing and market research for the summer drink project. We also got the chance to meet their other partners:Ogilvy ShanghaiSynovate Market ResearchTencent QQ to understand comprehensively about their integrated marketing communications endeavor. Based on all those, my team and I later developed our recommendations for their summer drink campaign. We also used our in-depth interview with Chinese teenagers, their target customers, and other first-hand observations to make our proposal more convincing. Additionally, believe it or not, I am one of the presenters for our final proposal, and report to high management teams in China and US at the same time!

Thanks to my language advantage, I am also responsible for coordinating several events: IMC Welcome Drinks for new students, current IMC students, alum and friends of IMC; "What is IMC?" presentation to YUM! Brands employees; Birthday Party for Professor Frank and Bronwen; "My Shanghai Impression" dinner among IMC faculty and students.

"How were you doing in Shanghai, Wendy?"

"I am very very busy!"

But indeed, I had fun.

I had a friend who came pick me up in the airport. I met my junior high classmates who is currently working near Shanghai. I went visit museums and Yut Yuan with a friend's friend Angela. I visited a water town Xitan during weekend with a new student. Many other new students took me around buying small gifts. Friends also showed the wonders of Shanghai to me, shared insight of the market with me and so much more!

Shanghai is great, internship is awesome, but NOTHING beats HOME!

I was completely conquered by my sweet home and family from the very first day I arrived. My cute cat Pipi surprisingly remembered me as a family member and licked me since I got in our car. Mom, Dad and my brother spoiled me within my very short stay at home without doubt. I rode on my motorbike happily to meet many of my friends and teachers around Taipei: The Best FourAngkor 8 sistersExplore Scout members、College friends、NTUMUN juniorsOther schoolmates、primary school friends and teachers.... I went to my Chinese doctors, did my hair, checked several scenic spots around Taipei and took Taipei MRT + Taiwan High Speed Rail + Kaohsiung MRT to visit all my lovely relatives in southern part of Taiwan within two days. One of my uncle's family visited me in Chicago after I flew back to school, They kind of extended my sweet home feelings a little bit longer while I happily took them around showing off the beautiful city of Chicago.

One more good news about home: Dad is coming for my graduation ceremony on December 13th! I am really excited about this and am looking forward to it a lot!!!!

I still need to face the cruel reality. I have to fight for my study and for my tough job hunting process.
I am applying for brand management, marketing communications, account planning position preferably in Chicago, somewhere California or New York. I sincerely desire to work for several years in the US to learn the way the market leaders manage their businesses. I am very experienced in online marketing, interactive media and related fields. As many of you have also known, one of my great assets was my global perspectives. If anything comes across your mind, please don't hesitate to contact me and let us discuss.

Thank you for your kind support and encouragement. I know it is tough right now, but I got your love and warmth with me. I would be able to move on.
Wish me luck!



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Hi Wendy,


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祝一切顺利 红红火火

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