IMC Halloween Party Came Back to Town!

Yes, this is the second time my class had this Halloween Party, and I could tell more people were well-prepared this time!

Originally I hesitated to go. I felt weak since the afternoon and did not prepare any special costume to wear. Thanks to Serena's warm warm invitation, I later decided not to miss the might-be-the-last-time Halloween in the US and at least not to miss the precious chance to get together with my lovely fellow classmates. I went to the party with a traditional Chinese top I bought in Shanghai.

Guess what? It was really wise to be there. I love the salad sets presented by Kara, Lakshmi and Jessica D. I love Fion's cute pumpkin costume. I was fully entertained by the Shrek families. Not to mention Evan's Sponge Bob, Paul K's rooster, Elena's rainbow fairy and Billy's tiger. With surprise, additionally, I finally met THE Justin who is a mutual friend between MILLIONS of my friends and I.

Goodness, this joy will soon becomes a part of my memory in Northwestern. Unbelievable.....

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