Become a Confident Presenter?

Yes I am. My program-IMC- had a Global Residency presentation today for the new class and for my classmates. Our KFC team decided not to prepare any other presentation slides, but to show a part of our video with the interview clips we produced and the real-time presentation (on August 21) video scenes. Eileen did a wonderful job to introduce our project to the audiences and picked an appropriate length of video to show. After her, I briefly shared our experiences in China:

Work Hard
  • Internally got wonderful support, detailed presentations and discussion from KFC Shanghai team prior to, during, and after we went on-site. Their warm hospitality while we were there was also significant.
  • Externally visited KFC's creative agency: Ogilvy Shanghai; market research agency: Synovate; e-marketing partner: Tencent QQ
Play Hard- IMC= I Must Come-to-parties
  • Successful IMC Welcome Drinks joined by alumni, class of '09, prospective student and friend of IMC
  • Chinese town/garden visit, Chinese cuisine
  • Hit bars with great view "to understand the business culture"
Additionally, we all shared the surprises and the value this residency opportunity brought us. I was actually surprised by myself on the Forum stage, confidently expressed my thoughts without reading any script. I was even more thrilled by the later Q&A panel discussion. The KFC team got so many great questions asked, and quite some of them (unpurposely) aimed at me. Microphone at hand, sat upright and answered questions clearly, precisely and witty, I indeed enjoyed the moment to speak to the public with passion and enthusiasm. I felt myself shining on the stage, glamorously :)

This past year and this past summer had transformed me into a better Wendy, who is much more confident, positive, independent and strong. Even though I didn't notice sometimes. For the journey and the challenge ahead, I knew I had so much more to learn and to explore. Since I have already upgraded myself into a better public presenter, what other tasks can't I accomplish?

My Presentation History
  • KFC China Summer Drink Project- one of the two presenters for 45 min. responsible for 25 min. to client(directors, managers) in Shanghai, China and to client(CPAO, brand president, PR staff) in Louisville, US- ENG
  • Introducing Modu- 5 min. in class presentation
  • Online Advertising Matrix presentation- one of the two presenters for 20 min.
  • Introducing marketing in Taiwan using example of convenient stores- 10 min. presentation for Medill Asian Student Association

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