Wendy's Bright Side of Life

From Re-settle down
I knew it's raining, but I got a warm, pleasant ride.
I knew it's chilly, but I got a bouquet of flower that brought me sunshine.
I knew it's windy, but I got a cup of coffee that smells just right.
I knew study is intense and the career market is tight, but I got people's encouragement and support. I will be fine.
I knew we got really limited time, but I volunteer to prepare some Sukiyaki from time to time. :)

It's not Rain.
It's Liquid Sunshine.


Anonymous said...

so favor of the poetical words~
good luck on everything!!

wendychen said...

Thanks my dear! I am happy that you like this ^^

Admission essay writing service said...

I liked your poem very much. It is quite fruitful. You written it in good manner. I liked the title "Wendy's Bright Side of Life". we should always see the bright side of our life.

Wendy Chen said...

Thanks :) Thanks for bringing me back to good memory :)

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