Rock Climbing in Naperville. How Familiar

From 090103-Rock Climbing
Purely by accident, I knew about the opportunity to go for an indoor rock climbing in Naperville from friends. Since I've not been on the rock for some time since September '08, I joined them for the first rock in the US. "Vertical Endeavors" located in Warrenville inside the Lifetime Fitness. It has various routes for all age groups and levels, which is quite impressive. This is my first time to try the way with automatic rope to hold me on the rock. I didn't really like it because it limited my control over the pace and did not allow me to rest on the go. Up, or down. I believed I could finish most of the routes I tried yesterday if I could stop in the middle for a while to rest, and to continue. Anyways, I like the experience to climb again.

Interestingly, the entire experience kept reminding me of the quote in Y17: "It is a belief to climb up(向上爬,是一種信仰)" It also made me think about my lovely climbing friends in Taiwan- Chi-yu, Johnny and Howard.

Where is the next rock?

Vertical Endeavor (Inside the Lifetime Fitness building)
28241 Diehl Rd.
Warrenville, IL 60555
Entrance fee $15.
Full package rental (harness, climbing shoes and the powder) + $10; harness rental only +$4

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