Phone Calls

One hour phone interview with potential employers. I enjoyed the time talking to them, expressing my interest and my understanding about my capability and potential for their business. To my surprise, I did not have to demonstrate my Japanese language skill during the interview time. I was still delighted about having this opportunity (and excuse) to try catch up a little bit by reading a textbook and watching a movie. And guess what? I prepared my self introductions in Japanese this time. (Should get some formal revise though.... That's the "next step!") Additionally, I was quite delighted and confident to provide the answer about travel and relocation preference: "Are you willing to travel and/or relocate to Singapore or to Tokyo when requested?" "Yes I do."

Thirty minutes phone call with a friend, unexpectedly. Well, not really..... I thought I knew this contact would happen tonight, this way or that. And I was right. My instinct did not lie. Randomly we talked about my interview today, the school work on the other side, Japanese language and a little bit Japanese culture (why?!), and some more random teenage time stuff. Just realized one thing- sometimes it's harder to have this kind of unscripted talk....

Two more phone calls to come. One to a kind alum in East Bay area (resource: LinkedIn), the other to a very talented guy working in a marketing agency(resource: 2009 Kellogg Marketing Conference). I guess I have a lot talkings to do recently, which is wonderful! ^^

Can I admit that I prefer the second kind of talking more.....?

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chrissy said...

拜个晚年,同时祝新年行大运,特别是job hunting, Good Luck!

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