Happy Chinese "Moo" Year~

From Post-NU Life- from the 3rd party at the evening....
This year, my Chinese New Year celebration came with series of events. I went for a dinner with Taiwanese American Chamber of Commerce senior fellows at Friday night, which was also the send off party for Ambassador Thomas Cheng. Great wine and cousin, valuable advices and warm encouragement, I seemed to see some light ahead gradually.

Saturday evening, the night before Chinese New Year's Eve, ROCSAs of Northwestern University, Illinois Institute of Technology and University of Chicago jointly hosted a get-together dinner with 140 participants in Chinatown. Most of us, upon request, dressed something red and/or gold to highlight the feeling of celebration. That's why you can see such a bright photo above.

Stories continued. At the same night, I went to two Karaoke parties also in Chinatown- one with mostly Chinese IMC students/alums, the other with mostly Taiwanese IMC + tech students. Many songs mingled to form a colorful night of fun. Similarly, many emotions mixed to form a bizzard night.

Officially, it's Chinese New Year's Eve here in Evanston. I joined Leo, Daphne G., Daniel and Andrew for a dinner at a Japanese restaurant KUNI, and moved for some drinks at Andrew's. We also saw one Nip/Tuck, played Wii tennis and Wii bowling, and watched some Australia Open with Cindy's attendance. On the ride back to my place, Leo, Andrew and I passed the moment when the clock hit 12.

"Happy New Year, guys! It's official now," I said when I opened the door.
The second one without my family, down.

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