Rip-off Company/position- The Latitude Group

Unfortunately I bumped into another one... AHHHHHHH I HATE THIS! I almost fly over....

The Latitude Group
(1 star rating, based on 13 reviews)
5901 Christie Ave. Suite 500
Emeryville, CA 94608
(510) 601-1073

ilnana i. (Pleasant Hill, CA) 1 star rating, 1/11/2009

scam...umprofessional..dont waste your time..I walk in and they are watching transformers..Yikes. If you have real job experience and a college education don't waste your gas and time!!

Kelly K. (San Francisco, CA) 1 star rating, 1/2/2009

I gave this company one star because it will not let me put zero.

BIG WARNING to anyone who receives a phone call from this company!!

When I received a phone call from someone at The Latitude Group regarding an interview, I was unfortunately unable to do any research because of my location at the time. I drove out to the site, which was in a very old building that looked more like an industrial warehouse. When I entered the lobby of the office, it was full of other candidates also interviewing for the position. The type of people in there vaired considerably. There were people dressed in jeans, and people in their 40's sitting in the lobby, not people you would typically see interviewing for an "Entry Level Marketing position".

......TONS of bad review from yelp!.....

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