[Share]$20 Billion Company CEO... Takes the Bus

Thanks to a friend's kind sharing, I had the chance to read this article and to know more about the different way of demonstrating "leadership" in the East and in the West. To be specific, to learn from the Japanese example of the CEO of JAL(Japan Air Lines): Haruka NIshimatsu. I especially love a comment made by the blogger: "True leadership is humble." I can recall the time when I worked with Jonathan Blum and his team from YUM! Brands for the World Hunger Relief Week. He always respected our ideas and valued our comments; his sincerity touched everyone of us in the classroom when he presented his discoveries in the country in need. As one of the top leaders in the Brands, Jonathan acted just like one of our friends. Never bossy. Read the article below. Watch the clips. Enjoy!

$20 Billion Company CEO... Takes the Bus

With all the talk of corporate jets and massive bonuses for the CEO's of failing companies, here's a jolt of true leadership inspiration. Haruka NIshimatsu, CEO of JAL (Japan Air Lines), is featured in this YouTube clip, and there are many lessons. Perhaps this clip should be forwarded to the likes of Wagoner, Mulally, and Nardelli. Take two minutes to watch this, then we'll return to discuss a bit.

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