Kisses from~~

Tom, a hairy kiss. Also his first kiss tonight.
Jabba, a kiss I don't know where it comes from in the first minute.
Teddi, oh well, that's his first kiss tonight~
James, I felt his lips on my cheeks.

Ok, where do all the kisses come from?
We enjoyed the fondue(the Swiss cheese hot pot, VERY DILICIOUS!) tonight for the short-termers' "graduation party." What you do to eat the fondue is to put a piece of bread into the cheese pot, and try your best to make the bread be fully covered by the cheese. But it's very possible that you lost your bread in the pot when stirring around it. So, we got a punishment for tonight- if you dropped your bread into the pot, you have to kiss somebody who you're fancy of. WOOH~~

I didn't drop anything in the pot, but I joined some female staffs to kiss Matt, the Program Director, as a friendly gift. However, I've been kissed several times. By whom? See the list above:)
What I would like to say is, What a fantastic night!

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