Welcome to Taiwan again, the Wakatani family!

9:00 a.m. sharp, Dad opened his arms to send a distant hug to a man 10 meters away;
the next second, a very cute girl happily ran to me with her arms wide open too, with her super energetic smile on the face, reflecting with my overjoyed one.
It's been 7 years since we last met. Seven years. 

The first time we got to know Mr. Wakatani was actually year 2001. The time I met Tomomi was around 2003. With tremendous luck, the friendships between the two families remained for these many years. These many beautiful years, regardless if I am in Taiwan, in Swiss, or in the U.S.

The gathering this morning was even more touching with the handmade T-shirt shown on the photo. I asked Tomomi if the T-shirts voiced the appreciation of the 331 Japan earthquake/tsunami donation. She confirmed that, and told me she bought them and wrote the words on the T-shirts herself! Furthermore, before coming to Taiwan, the family decided to wear them with pride when traveling around Taipei. They wanted to let ALL passengers see and know their sincere gratitude: "Thank you Taiwan! 謝謝台灣! ありがとう台湾!"

How sweet!

Can't wait to talk to them more during dinner tomorrow. Must be a marvelous night with the glory of friendship!
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