W E-news [2016 with no regrets]

Hi my dear, how's everything?
With only a blink, surprisingly we've waived goodbye to 2016. I'd love to share with you something about my year, and hope you find it as interesting as I do too.

Be a professional to devote fully to the crazily rapid changing world and tasks- No regrets. 
As always, the internet industry evolves in the pace that no one can actually catch up with easily. I've experienced some re-organization, duty adjustments, and strategic shifts at work. The latest duty covered "product marketing" to introduce newly launched features/functions to users, and "APAC cross-country marketing" to synchronize cross-functional marketing ideas and then to roll out to all markets with necessary localization. Also as you can imagine, I help to strengthen the partnership with our cross-market counterparts.

You won't believe me if I say I always enjoy the work everyday, but I'm growing to believe deeper: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Each challenge is there to push me think and solve them in a smarter way, and to communicate in an elegant way to make all partners work together happily.
And hey, I'm about to host our second concert with 11,000 audiences ;) The planning and execution are exhausting, but it IS something extremely rewarding!

Reconnect with my precious good-old-days- No regrets. 
June 2016, I took Mom with me to fly to Germany for friends' wedding, and to pay Czech Republic a short yet nice visit.

Julia and Teddi were my best buddies who I worked with in Kandersteg International Scout Centre, Switzerland for 3 month. I witnessed the start of their story, the long yet sweet love across more than 10 years, and thus immediately decide I'll fly over to Frankfurt to attend their wedding party upon receiving the invitation. With great pleasure, I visited their warm house renovated by themselves, saw the cute, smart little boy of their own, and fully touched by the place full of love. Their wedding was held in the yard with friends and family from Iceland, all over Germany and from all other places which doesn't speak German or Icelandic at all. Yet, the hospitality for Mom and I was overwhelming, from each and everyone I met during the time.
The key takeaway- I'm more willing to believe in LOVE, again. And I'm so certain if anytime in the future I need to visit Germany, there's always a door open for me. ​

October 2016, I finally went back "Home" in Nagoya after 12 years apart (Photos)
Fifteen years ago thanks to a scouting camping event, I met my host family- Nakamura family- and kept in touch with them throughout the years. I heard that my younger sister Mayumi in Nagoya opened a new Cafe on an island around May, so that urged me to visit her and congratulated her achievement in person. Originally I was nervous because the family and I were not seen one another for more than a decade, but I was wrong. At the moment I met mommy at the ferry terminal, her smile and hug told me I was home. My Nagoya family members- daddy, mommy, brother and Mayumi took care of me in the way just like the old days, and you couldn't help wonder- if we were actually that far apart. No I wasn't a guest in the family. I am a part of the Nakamura's...

Keep on dancing- No regrets. 
It's almost the end-of-year tradition now: the annual belly dancing performance. The intense practices would start around October, and this year I must remember all moves clearly for two of my favorite dances. Yes I enjoyed my time with my most powerful, coolest, sexiest moves as always. Due to the change of program arrangement, actually I feel less inspired this year, but I'm still quite satisfied with the fact that I can join my classmates and the teacher to achieve our goal together yet again. Believe it or not- I do want to continue dancing. I really do ​

Realize I'm still longing for the sparkle- No regrets. 
I thought I went numb already. Luckily I unexpectedly found within the year that I am still deeply touched by something, and by someone.
You thought you've forgot about those pasts, but it just was dimer, hid deeper, and was put away for a longer time.
Once you reconnect with it, the entire universe will disclose many tiny signs, people, and things to urge you to face it bravely- regardless of time, space, stereotype barriers. You shall, fight for your happiness, or who else would?
If you're touched too, let's face it- together?

I still don't know how Lord will guide my way ahead.
I'm purely grateful for knowing that I'm still longing for the Sparkle, and for the miracle He prepares for me- without any regret.

May your new year comes with no regrets as well. Cheers!

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