These Days

I met with several friends, finished a book, got many mixed feelings from some occasions.

Dinner gathering with Andy made me review my current situation again. Those I am good at, am satisfied with, hate about and felt frustrated with became crystal clear all of a sudden. Through the chitchat and the process of description, I felt settled about "the plan," and decided to approach for the possibilities.

Thanks for the precious time you shared with me. Thanks for the inspiration!

Talking about the possibilities, I wrote an email to my former manager. Her reply touched me:
I've been thinking of you lately as I bang my head in frustration with our candidates for XXX project...I wish there were 2 of you so you can help me with XXX.
There's no words that need to be add. The recognition I got from these words was beyond description...

Another delighted dinner with Nicole and Myvert was also full of joy. We, NTUers who've devoted to our own work for some time, finally got a chance to meet and to learn from our diverse fields. Myvert, a Judge-to-be, fought hard for herself and for her organization to become one and the only Taiwanese members of an international petroleum organization. For that opportunity, she went through 2 months of application process and finally got to Singapore to attend an important gathering. That was brave. That was true courage. Nicole worked for a PR agency and was responsible for the planning of the Bakery Exhibition just ended some weeks ago. Quite some heavy, crazy loading, I have to say. "But I enjoyed my work," she said. Two thumbs up for these pretty and hardworking ladies! Cheers for our warm friendship across time!

My always long traveling time to and from work still allowed me to read when taking MRT. After the "Harvest" and "La Sombra Del viento," I borrowed one of the Persey Jackson selection: the Lightning Thief and finished it within a week! The magic of words in this novel is amazing. You must check it yourself to understand.

Guess what? I'll continue the reading for the following ones in the series. It's not bad to soak myself in the mysterious, imaginary world. It's quite some escape from reality, you see ;)

I got a phone call from someone I cherish. Luckily it was really a long call that allowed us to share life moments and to discuss our very important plans ahead. There's a lot of unpredictables. There're many challenges and many gambles that we must jump in to get our hands dirty. Yet, we somehow got a deal that we'll move on and strive for the best solution, right?

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