Kandersteg & Zurich Reunions were Awesome! Vienna was Glorious

Nearly one week ago, I was back from the short 9-day trip in Swiss and Austria. It felt still like yesterday. I met "my favorite international people," my brilliant ex-coworker, my lovely same birthday girl Pat, and a generous, gentle new friend. Those moments were too shining for cameras to take, and too hard for me to sort out, to digest, and to put down proper captions to strive to tell the stories.
There were simply too many stories to tell.

For those I met during this journey-- 4 years apart, 1 year apart, or for the first time (finally)-- THANK YOU for the splendid time together with me. It wouldn't be this unforgettable if there were not you-- not a single one of you could be missing, seriously,
YOU completed my journey.
YOU made this SO REAL to me.
YOU gave me the power and energy to live on....

(P.S.: I haven't finished all the photo uploads yet and could only stop here-- till 3/4 of my Zurich revisit. Hold on...)

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