Wendy E-News[Long Time No See!]

Dear friends,

When the Chinese "Rabbit Year" is approaching, I just realized-- it's time to send out my seasonal greetings to all of you. Happy New Year of Rabbit! Hope your life can jump start into a brand new stage full of happiness, laughters, and healthy style! Please also accept my sincere apology for keeping quiet for so long. Hope it's not THAT long for you to forget this little girl in Taiwan :P

I have been on my current position for over 1.5 years- time did fly. Several rounds of ups and downs sharpened my skills and smoothed my temper, also thanks to the great tolerance and guidance from my seniors and coworkers, I have made some progress little by little. My never-ending busy schedule, somehow, made me confused about "what EXACTLY had I done so far?"-- what a shame. You know, maybe that was the way work is....

Besides work life, the highlight of the past six months was my 5-year reunion trip back to Switzerland!

I worked in Kandersteg International Scout Centre, Kandersteg, Switzerland in Autumn 2005 for three months, and my crew-- six of us all from different countries-- started to plan for a 5-year reunion since beginning of 2010. We ended up got 5 flew/drove back to where our stories started in mid-October. We gathered to recall what was happening in our season, and what happened after we departed. Trust me, 5 year stories for 5 people accumulated = magic!

It was nearly impossible to described the feelings when we finally met face-to-face again at the airport or at the stations; when we all sat down round the same table to enjoy meals or to drink; when we baked a cake again together to celebrate a birthday for one of us; when we stepped for yet another overnight hiking in ALPS (how dare we were, old fellows!); when we climbed up the same, familiar big rock; when we explored a nearby city altogether; and when we were crazy playing the same silly play card game like 5 years ago-- and all refused to admit s/he was tired and needed to go to bed! It seemed like we were never away, nor apart. And guess what-- our minds were already set for the 10 year reunion next time! Maybe some of us will bring kids along then? (Here's some photos for your reference)

After my Kandersteg reunion, I also visited some friends in Zurich, including visiting G office to meet one of my mentors- Daniel and lovely Patricia who I first met in Taipei. The same city is always much more charming when I have some adorable friend to meetup with. They ARE the reason I would love to come back over and over again. Furthermore, I also had a quick 3-day visit to Vienna, Austria to enjoy its unique beauty of flowing music all around and its royal elegance. I felt noble while walking around naturally! I'd love to revisit when summer so that I can capture all outdoor concerts as more as possible. When will that be then?

Well, I am fine. Hope you are BETTER! Let's work hard for our new year of Rabbit! Yes, we can have a rocket start!


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