Those Kept Me Busy

  • Interviews.
PR agency, high-tech company, digital contents/marketing company
  • Learnings.
Project 2009, project management, anything about digital/social media and major players, graphic card market, major software providers' moves, how to make a marketing proposal myself that includes budget estimation and human capital
  • MUN related
Taiwan Model United Nations Development Association(MUNDA) initiation (action plan, intern hiring, documentation, budget planning, Board of Directors & Supervisory Board meeting preparation, etc), WorldMUN 2010 mentoring
  • Entertainment.
Have fun with Pipi, cook for family, Happy Farm/Restaurant City game on facebook, plurking, movie on TV from time to time, meet friends, badminton game with G coworkers

  • Those missing.
A crystal clear plan about who I want to be in the future. Something I will feel terribly passionate about and will burn for it.
Someone who can hear me complain, lend me the shoulder, let me cry and hold me tight. (Yes I am emotional. I desire someone one-dial away. Is that too much?)
The view from high above. The colorful office. Those lovely happy faces. Best time ever.

Stay positive! Stay focused!

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To companies who possess, or are passionate about obtaining and maintaining global reputation, Wendy is the diligent and professional digital marketer who is experienced in digital marketing, is always energetic about solving challenges in the new media field to help the business grow, and can optimize her contributions by utilizing her multilingual and multicultural background.