Value of Apple > Google Thanks to Multi-platform Potential

I happened to saw "Why Apple Is More Valuable Than Google?" on business week today. The discussion starts because of this fact:

As of Aug. 11, Apple was worth $145.87 billion, compared with Google's $143.40 billion... More likely, Apple has more solidly unseated Google as tech's No. 2 powerhouse and is now on track to one day challenge Microsoft for the crown.

But how come? If you have the same question, go read the analysis and you will get the clear picture. Simply put, Apple got various powerful products- hardware like iPhone, iPod, MAC & software like iTunes, Safari, AppStore. Furthermore, every and each one of these gets rooms for further development. The super loyal users, additionally, are so addicted to it and won't go away. Just.... no chance. Indeed Google is powerful in its search business, but it gets only this one cashcow. More risky than Apple's model. More likely to be harmed by antitrust laws.

Diversity. Diversity is the winning key in many fields!

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