Wendy E-News[The Previous Half Year-- Rocking Impressive!]

I just realized that I've been quiet for around half a year-- Wow! That's unacceptable and I should keep you posted~
So here I am-- alive, fine, and missing you as always. :)

For the past six months, naturally, most of my life was occupied by work. I was blessed by my energetic team that I could attend several forms of celebrations for our outstanding achievements in Q1 and Q2. We went shrimp fishing, taste Chinese hot pot, bowling, and crush many more restaurants. When I thought I was purely celebrating with them, my managers mentioned my contributions in public for several times in various forms. "I like the pace of our current marketing practices," he said, "and those reports you conducted were quite helpful for presentations with higher management team." One of the vendor partner also mentioned to my manager, and to me directly, that he loved to cowork with me-- "Wendy's aggressive at work and react promptly. I know I can count on her to make things happen."

Thank you for the support and sweet words. What I know for sure is-- what I've done so far were just some basic values I can offer; my potential and my core competency are far beyond those. I have confidence in this.

Also worth mentioning were my learning at COMPUTEX Taipei 2010 early June. That exhausted me seriously, but I indeed learned a lot. For around two months I prepared everything to host the exhibition, from booth design, print material to human resources allocation. I was there at the booth for five full days, and I sometimes must respond to media interviews. Here's a Mandarin video clip for your reference....

The most unbelievable part, however, was my surprisingly lucky business trip to Suzhou & Shanghai in July.
It was a one-week short visit, but it was a intense one. I met colleagues in Suzhou to streamline our work flow, and visited two factories to understand and to witness how our product was produced. As for Shanghai, I spent time in 3C stores, consulted sales, collected first-hand competitors info to study Chinese market. (Felt so like KFC market research all over again, right?) I found the trip very informative and inspiring. In-depth discovery by oneself always rocks!
It's time to end the workaholic talking now. Alright, time to have some fun-- and I did have fun in Shanghai!

It would be a sin to waste my weekend in Shanghai, so I reconnected with friends met in China, US, or in Taiwan-- Vali, Julia (IMC'08), Grace(IMC'10) and Howard. The warmth I felt from the reunion was tremendous considering our friendship across time and space. I additionally utilized my time to stroll  along Lujiazhui bank, to hit on EXPO Shanghai 2010, to visit Dr. Sun Yat-sen's former residence, and to revisit Taikang Road.

Shanghai remains a glamorous city as usual, and my lovely friends always could make her ever more irresistible. :) 

When it comes to one place on earth where I completely got relaxed during this period of time--Bali, Indonesia.
Thanks to my friend Emilie's company, my five days was beyond description: cerulean sky, marshmallow clouds, beach with tender sand.... Heaven.

We also hit a volcano at Kintamani & rice terrace, got wild in water, ate a ton, spoiled ourselves in luxurious pool villa, did nothing but relax at the Kuta beach, shopping, and (you'll hate me for the last one....) SPAs.

Heaven yeah, we were there to take a break. And Bali fully satisfied us.

Last golden question, where's THE ONE for Wendy? 
Let's pray...... :P


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