Life is an amazing adventure. You meet people on your way who inspired you in various ways.

They criticize you, so you can grow from your mistakes- either that's your poor people skill or your lack of thinking things through.

They threw random questions at you, so you can polish your thinking. It's totally not the point to get the right answer, for all that matter is the reasoning path to "get there."
You failed the mission most of the time, at least I did. Then I realized I was not good enough, yet. Then I realized I have the room to become "even better" again.

They threw reasonable/expected questions at you, so you can practice, in an official way, to respond and to show your confidence. Somehow you'll always find a smarter/more interesting way to phrase your response. And thus you felt happy by entertaining yet another person again.

They threw ugly questions at you, which you'd rather not to hear and not to think about at all, so you came to the point where you MUST face reality.
Anyways you'll need to take sides.
Anyways you'll need to make up your mind to solve the ambiguous situation.
Some part in life is only black or white, girl. You cannot have them all, and you cannot mix them together and pretend that it's a good fit.
Be determined. Be clear. Be true to yourself....


Elin said...

Life is a learning process, learn about the world and learn about how to improve ourselves :)

Hope you well

WendyChen said...

Thanks Elin! Hope it's great on your side, too :)

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