Tiny Comfy Space

My tinny compact universe.

Space at work was reorganized, and my place shrank to a pigeon hole. Many complained about its size, while I simply, quickly rearranged my belongings and then settled in. Truth be told, this space provided me just the sense of security and privacy I needed. Doesn't need too much more, cannot bear if I got even less, the size of it right now was purely pleasant enough.

So I put up all the postcards to surround me, keeping those very important ones just by my side-- so I can grab them within seconds to seek for some comfort and warmth;
So I made myself a good, hot cup of comfort tea-- smelling reeeeally good--and sat back in;
So I turned on my blues-- volume up-- with B.B. King singing...
Now I don't need to care if there's a tornado outside, or any cats in heat running by, I can rock my little universe in the way I like-- Just the way I like...
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