Happy 5 Year Old to Prince Pipi!

Happy b~~~irthday to Pi! 
Happy b~~~irthday to Pi!
Happy b~~~irthday Prince PiPi...... 
Happy b~~~irthday to Pi!!

October 6, 2006, that was the first day my family see a tiny little puzzled creature in front of us, with his eyes not yet opened. He was quite weirdly flurry, entirely helpless and weak, and somehow naive on the look.

He "meowed" a lot on the first day, especially when on the ride with me to the airport for my Swiss reunion trip. Mom said she would keep him for the mid-autumn festival break ONLY, while we all knew it wouldn't be true-- she would for sure keep him with us. When I came back few days later, the 5th member in my family was called "Pipi" and no one could convince Mom to change to other names.

Now, it's been 5 years. Five full years with so much fun and comfort, so much love and incredible moments. Thank you our Prince Pipi!! Thank you for being Mom & Dad's 3rd kid to keep them smiling all the time. Thank you for being the blessing to our family!

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