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Dear Friends,

Greetings! I hope you are all well. Sorry for keeping silent for a long time again; there were simply too many things happening in the period of time. The most apparent one: I changed my job.

I was with company A: high-tech, hardware, manufacturer, and selling innovation and leading technologies;
Now I am with company i:high-tech, software, entertainment, and producing happiness while sharing the touching moment of life.

As you knew previously, the two years spent with company A was fruitful, but at the same time quite a struggle-- I could efficiently handle most of the projects without a problem, but I went really away from what I deeply desired to work on. The worst: I gradually lost the power to create a hit, and I lost my imagination. Finally I decided to move on and bravely asked my manager to let me go-- please let me fly, in My sky. That was such a crazy decision at the point, since I totally don't know where I may land in the future.
But Life is a miracle, as it Always is. Three days after my resignation proposal, I heard about this current position; within a week, including all earlier opportunities in talk, I received Three different but all exciting job offers.
「If you want something, all the universe conspire to help you
 When I decide to change, all the universe conspire to help me change.
In mid November, I thus officially left the company and sailed for my new adventure.

This is such a MARVELOUS change! Company i is a small startup, and we are providing online KTV services to empower our users to be a super star.
I said, we are selling a dream.
I said. we are selling some endless happiness 
There are so many things that awaits me to learn and to get involved, but I've discovered many things that I could play with-- I've got bunch of ideas in mind. My brilliant new team, some expected and some beyond my anticipation, also made me feel so energetic every single day. There were simply too many sparkles! At least I noticed: the Cute Wendy is back~ My mom is quite happy too, since I now got more time to be home for dinner, she saw more smiles than depressed faces, and she got her little girl surrounding her talking about the fun things happening during the day- just as the old school time- yet again. :)

As for the other parts, I only traveled once in the year: a business trip to Hanover, Germany, and via a transfer at Frankfurt, I flew to Madrid, Spain to visit some friends and relax.

Not too much to mention about work. Due to the stress, I got ill with fever for two whole days during CeBit, and I introduced the products to media and clients continuously, including some interviews. Unfortunately I didn't get any video records at CeBit, but I did get some interesting ones at COMPUTEX in June. You may check theme here: English oneor Mandarin one. (oops, off topic)
Before turning to Madrid to visit my university girl friend and her husband, I saved half a day in Frankfurt to meetup with my KISC pinkies, Julia and Teddi, to catch up and to let them show me around this important gateway city in Europe. Totally unexpected, I was allergic all over my body and was sent to ER by ambulance there... Thanks to my friends, their company and kind assistance helped me conquer the challenges and can continue my journey safely the next day. I survived, and I enjoyed the five unforgettable days in the south Europe. How great that was!
If you asked me, I would tell you I Love the atmosphere in Spain without second thought. Time flew slow there. You can smell freedom and relaxation easily. I was in love with the fact that I could explore among the ancient but stylish architectures, while I would accidentally find impressive music or dance performance on my way at the corner. I love the friendly people there, because they were trying to guide me or to share some local secrets with me even though we didn't speak the same language. I was totally touched by the love birds, my friend and her husband, because they just so naturally blended in the scenery to make Spain even more charming. It's hard. It's hard to say goodbye to Madrid. No matter how many postcards I sent out, or how many photos I took, I knew there's a "MUST" for me to embrace its beauty in person, again.

Here is some little moments that I would love to share with you, too:
  • Early May, I tried my first river tracing in life @Wulai, TaiwanI know I must go for another runs next summer!
  • COMPUTEX in June was crazy. I had fever before the exhibition and I lost my voice during the entire week. My hard work paid off, however, since many people were impressed by our show. Yes, I made it!
  • Mid of September, more than 20 juniors from the IMC program of Northwestern University came to Taiwan for a one-week visit. I took them to visit JiouFen for a day, got some Taipei city tour, and booked a big chamber for all to sing Karaoke. Wow! That was one of the highest Karaoke night I've ever experienced!
  • I traveled to Yilan in the end of September thanks to company tour. I did paragliding for the first time in life, and I stayed in the luxurious Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi
  • Although I really did not want it to happen again, I was sent to ER again due to allergy in early October.  The doctor checked my allergy report again and told me there was nothing special I could do to avoid it from mysteriously happening again. I started to carry my pills with me whenever I went out since then.
  • Yes, I still love rock climbing. One of my goals for the coming year is to climb more often, to take advanced lessons, and to become more professional if possible!
Just as I said: I am back! My life is back, too. I hope you can be as energetic and be true to yourself. And, please do not be afraid of CHANGES.

Merry Christmas! and a Happy New Year!



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