He's Coming to TW

The dates have been set, 23-27 June, Fri-Tue. He's so quick, and he even has booked the flight already. "My flight'll be there around 7 PM." said Philip. How could he be so energetic?

For the first time, I'm completly spoiled, and it's never too exaggerate to say that I was so soaked by his love @\o/@ Sometimes, I can't help wondering "What's going on? What have I done? How dare I accept all these which I don't deserve at all?"

However, his dream does moved me:
Staying at a house with happy family, with cute grandchildren running about and coming occationally to say "I love you gong gong," with several dogs enjoy being patting and rubbing under the sunshine, and so on.....

Are these, the answer to happiness?

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