The Power of International Scouting Brotherhood!!!

Teddi(IS) & Julia(DE) on MSN, Eric Khoo(MY) on Skype. Teddi asked me about some info to visit KLCC in Kuala Lumpur, and I dropped those questions that I couldn't answer to Eric. Furthermore, when they asked Eric about the recommending route toward Java, Indonesia, he came out with the advice to go through Singapore, which then, might need some support from local as well.

Jeez! How could the world become sooooo tiny and interesting??

I gave the couple Philip's mobile number, and promised them to inform Philip(SG) first tomorrow morning. When needed, he could be a great help for Teddi & Julia's "all of a sudden" visit. As for me, I really would like to know that they DO go to Singapore, meeting Philip, and even have some great chat about "Wendy" they've known. :)

So kind as Eric, he offered several numbers of friends in Indonesia to let them call when emergency. Plus, he told them how and to whom to cry for help when they're in trouble. All these make even me feel so secure, not to mention them!

WOW! How good it is to be a scout!!
How lucky I am to have these wonderful friends and to be the channel helping around~~~

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