The Night with Friendship Fragrance

Last Saturday night, I finally asked some uni girl friends out for some drinks. It's been almost a year for us to not see the others. I guess you can imagine how high we were at that time!!

For so long a time, I couln't find this kind of friend who could talk about literature, movies, music, lifes, plans, and so on together at the same time. Our topic was sooooo endless, while each and every one of them were sooooo interesting!!! Without noticing, time flied and pushed us return home. It was later than 23:00 when we waved goodbye, yet I found something like rebirth that night. In the tiny coffee shop, on the lonely dark street, deep- in my heart.

Thank you, my lovely friends.
Please accept my request to always stay beside you all.
Your words make me strong. Your intelligence make me wise.
Your love and support push me forward, regardless of how harsh life may be.
Thank you again :)

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