Job Description- Thanks to Philip!

Job Description ( Chen Hsiao-Wen, Wendy ):

• Conceptualize and Design the Association website.

• Liaise with the Ministry of Education to develop specific projects: "Lifelong Learning Train."

• Promotional support of Foundation activities/events.

• Preparing and dissemination of press releases of Foundation activities and events.

• Conceptualize methods and tools to encourage understanding of certain core knowledge focus among early age group learners: "Tax Education".

• Provide Partnership support with other Non-Government Organizations to develop certain key people skill: "HOBY Leadership Camp."

• Coordinate and support an annual Scholarship programme with a strategic partner: "Prudential Volunteer Award."

• Provide ad-hoc communication-based support in National level events and activities.

**My position should be: a Communications Executive!!

Souds GOOD!!

I asked Philip about the title I should post on my namecard, and after hearing my description, he quickly came up with this. What his boss(es) said is VERY true- he is OUTSTANDING at writing. I'm so impressed by his analysis and his efficiency. :)

And, "anything for you~ Dear~" *^o^*

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