Red Theatre

I went to Red Theatre for a traditional Chinese show 29th of April with Mom, Dad, Ms. Ni, and a Chi-Lan in my mom's school. It's my first time to step inside, and I was regretful for the terrible mistake I made- I should go there far earlier!!! Red Theatre is a place full of historical fragrance, and the crew have run it in a delicate way, which made it sparkled amazingly.

When we just arrived, we took several pictures outside the building, and those are funny. One among them was Chi-Lan and I did her typical pose when felt embarrassed simultaneously. I guessed that was the one helped shorten our distance. The folowing one is more normal, but it was a pity that she closed her eyes XD ....Ohwell, our purpose to go there was to see a show, remember? It's called: "Big Bowls of Tea in Taipei台北大碗兒茶," and combined series of traditional Chinese theatres in a show, including Chinese Comic Dialogue, Tongue Twister, Bamboo Clapper Dialogue, and Plum Blossom Style Drum Song. From childhood, my brother and I have loved the Chinese Comic Dialogue so much. We listened to the tape of Master Lung-Hao Wei & Chao-Nan Wu again and again, and nothing could get us tired. We even remembered several tongue twisters and enjoyed to show off someitmes. So, you can picture how good I felt when accessed the amazing Chinese theatre world again :)

Hahahahaha... I laughed so hard throughout the show!!!! And I cannot help buy Pedro a CD immediately, without second thought- he's gonna love this! I'm sure!!!

I have one more reason to revisit the Red Theatre- I found fantastic traditional presents on its first floor! Guess what? My purse lost quite some "weight" there....>"< Yet I believe, my foreign friends gonna have other reason to love me again!!!!

Would you consider visit the Red Theatre? Come! Don't be shy~ You're always welcomed!!!

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