Rice Dumpling..ohoh! Dragon Boat Festival!

Today is the 5th May on lunar calendar, which is one of the three very important holidays of Chinese people: The Dragon Boat Festival. Along with the Chinese New Year, the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival is traditionally a holiday that family members should gather together to celebrate it.

The tradition has changed a bit, however, but several rituals were kept still. Among them, rice dumpling, dragon boat race, and egg stand remain.

People still wrap rice dumplings, which use glutinous rice, egg yolk, Chinese mushrooms, pork, and so on as contents, as well as mainly bamboo leaves as covers and hemp string to tight them up. When ready, we steam them with bamboo steamers to make it full of natural fragrance; taste it with soybean sauce, chily sauce, or ketchup.

The BEST rice dumplings ever are those made by my grandma, and I used to look for it every year. Don't know if this time I'll so lucky again~

As for the dragon boat race, it could be better explained by telling you a brief story of a famous Chinese poet- Chu Yuan. He is also a statesman of his time, Warring States Period. He has tried hard to admonish his emperor to practice certain policy, in vain, so he committed suicide, drowning himself into the river, to show his deepest objection. Upon the time when people of Chu knew this, they tossed rice dumplings into the river to avoid the fish eating his body; they rowed the boat to search his body, and try to frighten the fish away. Descend from this action, Chinese people developed the dragon boat afterwards, and held the race in memory of Chu Yuan.

Nowadays, the Taipei City Government holds the race annualy. The major, YingJio Ma, even leads his colleagues to form a team every time. Some other counties, like YiLan, hold similar but international challenge race. Those are also hit!

Lastly, the egg stand. The magic of Nature makes the noon of today the best time to have an egg stand upright on a flat surface. It has been a game expected and loved by kids for centuries. Public/private sectors usually plan a certain campaign like "1,000 People with 1,000 Standing Eggs" to celebrate this moment.

Hmmmm, what's the festival for me now?
I'm glad that I earn a good day rest without work :D

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