Curt @ KISC!!!

"I arrived!!!"
See how happy he was :)
We had a quick talk early this "morning" when it's 6 something there. He told us that he had a nose bleed on the plane and didn't sleep well, so he gave up to visit Zurich but chose to go to Kandersteg directly. Still fine~ He got 3 months to fool around there anyways!

They had a beer night last night, haha! Typical! And he, as my great brother, has given my letters to several of the people there, including Mark, Ben, Andreas, and Fie. He'll keep distributing them later~ What's more, Fie actually came to him first to say hello. "She's really staying in the kitchen!" Kuan-Ting said. "Then it's good! When you would like to cook them something Taiwanese, you know who to ask for materials and help!"

"Sis, I told them that the 'amount' of English I've heard of for the past few hours surpasses that I've heard of for the past 20 years, and they laughed~"
I could easily imagine :) That's truly my Bro's situation, and that's also the reason why I push him so hard to challenge himself there. Where's the better place to use the language to "live" and "learn" and "have fun"? By hearing him say so, I've known that he'll doing fine~ Also have I known that he's got people's attention and heart somehow.

He also told me that when he was doing the self-introduction, he made fun of himself and said "I guess I'm the shortest boy in this team, and thus it won't be too hard for you guys to recognize me~" See how smart he was! And how humorous he was! He's jus my good boy~~~~:D

Dear Kuan-Ting, please enjoy fully for yourself and for me.
Dear all my good friends in KISC, please take care of him and enjoy this season as much as possible, and please show him your wisdom, your courage, your responsibility, and your careness to him.
Also, please, my good friends in KISC,
cherish him as if you cherished me;
cherish him as if you are cherishing me.
I've lost something that I may not get it back there in KISC, maybe never.
Desperatly whatsoever, I've prayed so hard to keep that with me, forever and ever....

Truly, I miss home in KISC.
Miss home so much, so much, soooooo much.....

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