My Real Press Release

Yes, definately real one~ Is not bad, and is quite a good successful example of group power :)

Four bidders worked together to share the expenses and the tasks to do. We competed, and we cooperated. I learned quite much throughout the process, including how to prepare the material to catch the audience and especially the Media's attention. What's more, I leart to negotiate with the logo/dm designer, the government representatives, and most basically- my colleagues and even bosses.

One very important idea I got from this experience was: Always be creative! and Always stay Positive toward my "mission impossible." Also, we always need to take extra efforts to establish and to maintain relationships. Journalists won't come if our topic itself is not controversial/exciting enough, not to mention if our tie between one another is mostly weak(or don't even exist >"<).

Yeah, quite a lot to learn ahead!!

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