Some Murmur

  • Interestingly, I'm still consulted by many who are applying for Northwestern Medill IMC program. Thanks folks for recognizing my willingness to share. Thanks for letting me be of your assistance :)
  • "No I am not at all consider any relationships." But yes, I saw your photos with a pretty lovely her. Please also bear in mind that I've heard of your efforts after another lady. Are you, or are you not a liar?
  • Practice really makes great difference, if not makes perfect. Why not give it a try, especially when there's someone serving as a free tutor?
  • Working full-time for one thing and serving part-time for some dreams take up most of my time and energy. Why not give up the latter one? The reason: I felt I made more impact on the juniors, used more creativity and enjoyed more flexibility. (The statement made the full-time part sound sad, huh?)

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