Wendy E-News[Let's make a turn in life]

Dear my friends, long time no see!

Yes, I've been hiding for too long, I know! Last time when I had some updates was nearly two years ago. Trust me, I will try my best to make it quick.

First, career-wise.
I left my previous job to search for the next milestone in life at the end of May. I used to love my job and many energetic coworkers there, but there were some changes in the company that slow me down. And I kept asking myself: "Can't you do more? Is this challenging enough for you?" That's why I chose to quit, to have a break, to reset, and to restart.

Tomorrow, I will join K_C Taiwan to be in charge of digital marketing and e-delivery business. It's actually my second time to work with the brand.
As some of you might recall, I used to work for K_C China as an intern in summer 2008 during my master's study. I was responsible for digital/mobile marketing planning back then. The head hunter noticed the nearly buried experience in my resume and thus connected me with them again. Interestingly, the office is across the street of my high school and is quite close to my first work place after college. Life is a miracle, isn't it?

Let's go for a trip, shall we?
Earlier May this year, for the first time (how embarrassing), I went on a trip to Hualian and Taitung in the East coast of Taiwan by myself. I rent a motorcycle or a car on my own, followed the instructions of the GPS to find ways, chatted with hostel owners or guests, went to the beach to yell, to laugh, and to cry out loud alone. For four full days, I tried to search for the long-lost independent and brave self, and I tried to calm down to find the sense of directions toward life.
This trip was titled as "the one to rebuild self-confidence." 

The next one, was then "the trip to Find Wendy."
Early June, I flew to the US for a three-week-break: Half spent in the Bay Area, the other in Chicago. When I felt so swamped, I desired a trip to somewhere I can fully relax without too much planning. Luckily I have many friends in the Bay Area to welcome me, and I could utilize the chance to be a happy tourist to enjoy the wonders it could offer. As for Chicago, I intentionally went back to hug those familiar faces, to visit those life corners, to stay at my "home in Chicago", to ride on the same train to school, back home, shopping, to sit in MY classroom to recall those struggling moments and the shinning, fearless face of my own. Nearly every single day, or even every meal, I spent with different friends to catchup, to enjoy our stories, and to share thoughts with wisdom. I was sincerely grateful of every single day and every single person I managed to meet during the trip. All those recharged and refreshed me entirely.

Time for some different news, I'm afraid- relationships.
I became single again at the end of last year. He left in an unbelievable (even unbearable) way. Friends who are close to me understood how shocking and devastating that was to me. Those days were purely like walking through the darkest valley. I spent more than half a year to put myself together, to avoid negative emotions, and to believe "this precious girl, Wendy, deserve someone better!"
Thanks a million to those family and friends who sent your warmest regards and encouragements to me during the days. Your love and prayers across the border and timezone means a lot to me.
I will become even stronger for you.
I will move on with your love in my heart.

May All Is GREAT as Always!

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