The Last Night

Last night, I went to Aprilbreeze's Graduation Concert. The melody of the Chinese music should sound much better, but due to their time limit of practice......never mind:P

However, I still love the tiny concert, and the atmosphere they created. It was a reunion of the B90 members, and all those good and bad effectes, laughters and tears were/are/will be their best memories of the music group, the lovely people, and of course- NTU.

In addition, the most thing I loved last night was their last song- The Last Night. It was sang by a famous female singer "Ching Tsai," and was one of the best songs to symbolize the gloomy feelings of farewell with beloved people. I was truly touched by the song, and the words of the singer last night, "Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for coming and supporting us, people of B90. This is, our Last Night. B90's Last Night..."

Oh My..... B90, that's us! have graduated....

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