represent in the other version(s) in life.

My job itself is quite realistic. Money, money, money! All the pressure comes from MONEY.
So is my co-workers' faces and attitude.

Dad's realistic. After he realized my job in KISC would not pay me any bucks, he looked so disappointed and said, "Somebody had told me that the job in Swiss would provide you a high salary. What's wrong with it? Am I confused one job with another?" Yes, he is. Afterwards, he told me to carefully think about my future after KISC. Plus, he asked me to rethink the trip to Tunisia, which is sooooooo expensive and causes lots of problems in visa, flight dates/route/money, and so on.
Originally, I believe my parents to be the most open-minded ones, and will support me to explore and experience the world freely. I believe them to be the most understanding parents who'll not put so much emphasis on money(salary), and will deeply believe in their daughter to grab other valuable chances to become a precious person with ordinary characters and experiences. Recently I know the reality. Somehow, they're just the same as most moms and dads....

The operations of scout group, and the members inside, are realistic. We're not that good as we always say to the "outsiders." Increasingly, I have found that we're nothing more than a loose group. Our friendships leak easily when we're heading different directions, and when we're processing diverse dreams/goals. The passion we had before may not return again. Although there's still chance to establish a new era, yet it is the "new" one, concerning different people, timing, and forms. Oh.....All the golden old days.....

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