Day Trip in Taichung

I went for an e-Scouting Training Course on 18th, and stayed in my cousin's for a night. Cynthia couldn't make it to take me around on 19th, but she arranged her boyfriend A-Chung and her brother SuWei to take me around.

Geez~ I love the Luce Chapel~

About the City, although it was just another part of Taiwan, I'll frankly admit that it felt more than alien to me. Upon the time I arrived, 9 o'clock in the morning on the 18th, I felt
more alert and confused than ever- that didn't happen when I visit ANY towns/cities in Swiss or Germany.... The atmosphere chocked me, and my headache reminded me of my isolation again, and again.... The uneasiness lasted until I
finally finished my job, muddled through the dinner with lots of alcohol and "friendly faces," and escaped to my cousin's.

That's the time I feel a little bit "homely."

Yet, things became not that bad when I went out bathed under great sunshine and wonderful weather the next morning :) Exactly, I woke up late- 9:30 and was accompanied to visit Tunghai University- a famous university with amazingly beautiful campus. A-Chung drove we three there, and SuWei was responsible for introducing the place. They both were great company, because they were patient to wait, to take photos for me, to give advices, to enjoy solely the time ticking away.....

A-Chung and SuWei on the tree- SuWei could never stop making faces..>"<

Through A-Chung's interaction with SuWei and me, I felt happy and grateful for Cynthia. I could tell that he was a good guy that able to take good care of her. He's simple-minded and helpful, he's true and generous. Their relationship might not be "something" special, but definitely not "nothing." Best Wishes!

As for the university, I love its Luce Chapel and the meadow around. They were especially perfect when it was so shining and bright. Some school kids were taking pictures-should be graduation group photos- in front of it when we just arrived. I cannot help imagine if some friends and I came over take photos as well, or, if I were some couples who came for a walk, either at dawn or at dusk. Should be a memorable scene I guess :)

I also told A-Chung and SuWei that I was so envious of the students there. All architectures in the university were in style and was been carefully designed- Designed to be a fantastic place for LOVERs. I thought very few students could ever resist its magic ^^

The Avenue in front of the main library.
Don't you think it resemble the one in the JP drama "HERO"?

We later went feed ourselves and had another meadow visit around a Museum. In short- enjoyed a pleasant afternoon with nothing but peace. I loved this short recharge, and I especially bent on its "doing nothing but fooling around."

Thanks, Cynthia, for arranging all these for me! Thanks, A-Chung and SuWei!
Thanks, God. You made me find the peace that only, solely with you that I can find.

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