Xmas Gift from...?

"Please sign for this parcel" the doorman told me.
It's no news for me to sign for international parcels, but this one looks quite unfamiliar. It is from?

Where is it from? Is it edible? -Pipi

Brasilia, B R A Z I L!!!!!

Oh my goodness, this little parcel traveled around the globe from Brazil to here, and arrived on exactly Xmas day. What a gift Pedro!

Normal people will soon start do the next step- to wonder what's inside there? Diamond? Gold? Ring? Flight ticket? (hey hey.....Pedro, I still remember your dream^^)

Oh come on...... Can't people have day dreams sometime?

I still can't wait to open it, with a curious mom aside :P
Firstly I found a postcard with another wrapped present, and I quickly started to see what Pedro wrote on the postcard.

Good Job Pedro~it's mostly in Chinese ^^b
He thanked me to send him the "pearls" to let him make pearl milk teas for himself in Brazil. It just reminded him our night market, temples, and so on so on. Additionally, he introduced me the gifts he sent-
The bird on the postcard is called "TUCANO." It is from a famous big wetland Pantanal in Mato Grosso du Sul- Pedro's hometown. Another gifts are a pencil and a pen holder with Jacare on it. Hmmm, they're truly very special to me! Thanks! Pedro~

I took it serious when you said you'd introduce more about your country, like what I did for you about mine. Deal~Pedro! and I guess.... you should work harder~

Thanks for the joy you brought me by giving me all these. Merry Christmas!

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