Swiss Surprise!!!!!

"What's this huge package?" Dad asked.
It's a box with the receiver "Kuan-Ting Chen"- my brother on the cover, from Flughafen Zürich (Zurich Airport). Since my brother won't come back till Saturday, my family decided to open it.

"What's inside?" wondered Pipi.

"Dear Mr. Chen,

We are very happy to inform you that you are one of the lucky winners of the 'Soul of Chocolate' contest sponsored by Zurich Airport. Your participation was well worth it. We are pleased to present you with one of fifty surprise packages from Lindt with our best wishes.

We hope you enjoy it!"

"Lindt? Is it THAT Lindt?" Out of strong curiosity I opened the box and found that there were actually two huge boxes inside- heavy. And...... CHIAN CHIAN!!!!!! TWO HUGE BOXES OF LINDT CHOCOLATE!!!!!!

Oh yes! These chocolate are actually mine. This October when I went back to KISC, Switzerland for the Autumn 2005 reunion, on the date of my sad departure, I spent some time wandering inside the Zurich Airport attending the promotion program called "Soul of Chocolate," which invited passengers to know the history of Swiss chocolate, to appreciate some crafts made of Swiss chocolate, and to vote for the most work that represented "Soul of Chocolate." With lots of time waiting for the flight, and also thanks to my deeply refusal to leave Swiss, I went hunt for every single work and vote for several times- including all my family members (they were not there though:P)

And my brother's name was chosen ^^b


Merry Christmas! Wendy~
Merry Christmas! Swiss!!!!

Let's see the works I saw then :P

Soul of Chocolate

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isabel said...

Oh My God

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