Eileen: More on China

(Photo by Eileen: We both in VUE Bar, Shanghai.
Eileen in her newly-bought Chinese dress)

Driving is a unique, somewhat life-threatening experience, crossing the street should be an Olympic event and the traffic makes NYC look like a quiet suburb.

People ballroom dance in the park in the morning (before it gets too hot).

I felt very tall and big–especially when I tried on clothing.

I want to learn to speak Mandarin.

Best part of the trip–I have new friends in China.

I could not help laughing when I saw Eileen's comments on her trip in China. On the other hand, I was so touched when I saw her comments about me:

I could have never survived without the guidance of my friend and classmate Wendy Chen, whose native Mandarin saved me from confused cabdrivers. She explained the nuances of Chinese business culture ... and advised on dining ...

She is back in Taiwan visiting her family now and I miss her very much.

This indeed was a great present for me when I was home in Taiwan. I miss you, too Eileen! Many of my precious learning in the global residency project were from working with you. Thank you for being so supportive and always volunteering to take the hard tasks. If there were not you, I wouldn't have chance to sharpen my presentation skills and thinking process. The pleasure belongs to me, my wonderful teammate! Hope I could work with you on something in the future again!

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