Settled down....?

I moved into my new apartment around three days ago. There had been some chaos going on, including
i) I nearly could not open the Engelhart storage lock to get my stuff (almost everything!) by the weekend,
ii) all the crazy "finding someone with a car to help moving," find some more to help carry the heavy items and the later unpacking work,
iii) the room without any lighting (well, it was broken) so I had to use a desk lamp and borrow the living room light to use),
iv) no food,
v) my pillow and duvet are still locked in some friend's house and he was out of town till Mon morning,
vi) all the study catch up, and
vii) the chaotic job hunting (jee!)

Be independent, be tough, be positive, be good.


Chrissy said...

great great luck on ur new apt and job hunting! :)

wendychen said...

thanks! Great luck to your application too :D

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