And I Love You So, G

So that I dare not to sleep. I am so afraid of the feeling that next time when I open my eyes, I am officially an alum, officially not a part of the amazing group....

I said goodbye with three groups of coworkers today- local category team (TW, CN, US, CH), transliteration team (TW, JP, US, CH), and TPE office members. For so many times, I could even feel the warmth transmitted through emails from the other side of the world. Sincerely they are so grateful for what has been accomplished by me, and they are so respectful for my time and efforts. I knew I was extremely lucky to be a part of this beautiful dream. I knew I was privileged.

At this last day, I saw my forth rainbow during my nine-week service. That was, again, an honor, considering the frequency was like..... once a month. I stood by the large window, appreciated the astonishing full circle of rainbow, touched. Deeply. It represented my life here. Indeed. Hopefully, onward as well.

I knew it was time to take off. I knew. I just refused to face the reality. Refused to wake up, from this most beautiful dream, ever.

All documents signed.
Equipment and badge returned.
Elevator 73->59, 59->1.
Last beep after I swiped the card.

The end.

And I love you so.
But I love you so.......

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