15 Recently...

In response to a friend's quest to write down 15 items of "what's happening to me recently."
Feel free to leave me a comment and share with me what's happening to you recently. If you'd like to create a "15 Recently" list, you're more than welcomed to do so.
RECENTLY, I'm getting used to my commune life of 1.5 hrs from home to work, and 1.5 hrs from work to home. (nuts?)

RECENTLY, I randomly saw some familiar faces that reminded me of some lovely friends, beloved ones whom I missed so deeply.

RECENTLY, I got a lucky trip to visit Hong Kong with coworkers. Interestingly that brought me back to that one-week business trip memory in G Beijing. So miss the latter one.

RECENTLY, I often saw my lovely cat Pipi and realized how wonderful life is to have him with us by accident.

RECENTLY, I miss my lovely friends a lot and the interesting moments with them. How come I am so far away that I hardly can plan a dinner gathering with anyone?

RECENTLY, I spent time coaching interns for Taiwan Model UN Development Association and found the incredible potentials of college students nowadays.

RECENTLY, I started to drink more juice or to eat more fruit, and try to eat more vegi than meat. Why? Oh my..... I guess I'm really getting old :(

RECENTLY, my time on the MRT were spent on (1) taking a (long) nap or (2) reading magazines/books. I killed many 天下/遠見 and is reading "The New Art of the Leader." Well, if I can stay awake more often...

RECENTLY, "Daily Wendy" turned into something more like weekly Wendy. Sigh, so wish that I still have that much time and exciting discoveries to share as before.

RECENTLY, my skin allergy came visit without known reason from time to time. I WANT MY HEALTHY SKIN TO COME BACK :(

RECENTLY, I only sent out less than 5 postcards within a season. Where did that caring, warm Wendy go?

RECENTLY, I cannot find the motivation to play my piano. Even the piano cannot release me?

RECENTLY, finally I decided to buy some clothes in colors other than blue. Life is not only black and white, neither blue ;)

RECENTLY, I am thinking about what to do for new year countdown. Suggestions please~

RECENTLY, I desire to get phone calls other than business calls. The more, the better. Call me, would you?

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