Lessons Learned from Work

  • What makes a good boss? Point number one- RESPECT your employees and GIVE BACK the control over their own lives and time. When they listen to you and merely follow whatever you says, you are screwed, so does your business
  • Power of integration. When everyone is super duper busy working in a horribly inefficient way to get things done, there must be something wrong. FACE IT. FIX IT. How many million times can you get people exhausted and disappointed?
  • Where are all the talents? Why aren't they coming to you? Do you know there's a concept called employee satisfaction and influencer marketing?
  • Internal communications is not equal to internal brainwashing. Do the latter one too over will actually lead to external complain. And guess what? Who would care about the message once they're just too sick of it?
  • No one is perfect and devils are hidden in details. Feel free to apologize for the mistakes you made and try to correct it immediately. Additionally, strive to avoid the same mistake again. How come most "authorities" just cannot understand this?
  • Show me the evidences. Show numbers (not limited to $ only). Convince me with the latest trend/development but not only with your thousand-year experiences. Say, tell me how you sell your products online in 1980s?

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